The Minimalism Lifestyle That Supports Your Startup Business

What does minimalism have to do with a startup business? Let us look at the definition of “minimalism”. According to the Wikipedia, minimalism is a lifestyle that supports the minimalist to achieve his life goal.In order to achieve his purpose in life, this person has a razor sharp focus and this includes decluttering his life of unnecessary distractions.

Looking at the definition above, do you see bootstrap startup owners the perfect impersonation of minimalists in action? Truth be told,we should all strive to lead this kind of life if we want to be successful startup owners. Nobody is too old to be a dejunker, but if you think that you should have started earlier in life, why not pass down this beautiful lifestyle to your offspring. Start the lifestyle early in life if you can.


When you are a student and thinking minimalism in your tertiary education, you want your degree or diploma to give you a head up and money worth…

The Overseas Education
How important is getting a business degree from MIT and Wharton Business School, as compared to a similar degree from your local tertiary institution? I admit that you do get to rub shoulders with the elites of high society if you attend one of these creme de la creme. But what if you indeed can’t afford it? Make do with what you want to study and know that, it’s the knowledge that counts.

Avoid The Basic Business Diploma
Many will hate me for saying this, but your Diploma in Business Administration is a waste of money. Unless you are using this Diploma as a lead to other Degrees or work advancement, you might as well come out straight into the working world after leaving school.

Most if not all entry level positions are open to specialist degrees. Let’s take an example, a pharmaceutical company. They would do their best to get pharmaceutical graduates to fill up their positions in R&D, Sales, Manufacturing and Marketing if they can help it. Like wise for heavy industries, these factories will be looking for engineers. Accountancy and Finance students will be exceptions because companies need them and let’s not forget, there are audit companies that take care of them. So who takes care of the business student?

Always Go For A Technical Degree If You Can Help It
This is seldom a problem if you are in the science stream classes, but what about the art stream. There are a lot of options available; law, accountancy, IT, human development, finance, psychology. But if you compare to science related courses, the sky is the limit. Therefore, if you can help it, avoid going into the arts too early in life unless you are dead set about becoming that philosophy teacher like Bruce Lee.

You want your folks’ hard earned money to be used wisely. You want a degree that carries a bang when you graduate. There are certain degrees like pharmaceutical science that pays much higher than other sciences and even engineering degree at entry level. But please, don’t take up something that you aren’t showing the least interest. Many students dropped out halfway through medical degrees. If you love cooking, even a Bachelor in Culinary is good but a Bachelor of Food Science is even better.

Once out with the scroll, you start raising your capital. There are two forms of capital here; the money capital and the experience capital. Remember, a minimalist is not about being a miser, but about having a purpose to fulfill a lifelong goal. You want to own a business, you need these to fulfill your dream.

Join A Small or Medium Sized Company
If you can help it, try joining a technological based company that is related to what you have studied. Be focus. A Food Science graduate may want to join a food machine manufacturer or a food/ingredient manufacturer. God may have other plans for you but put these in your mind just in case.

The reason for joining a smaller entity is to enable you to learn as many aspect of running a company as you can. No point in joining a giant conglomerate like P&G too early in your career because they will put you in a functional silo. Gear yourself to run your own company as early as possible.

Avoid Going Full Time In Ride-Hailing Gig
The freedom and the income are attractive being an Uber driver. Being a minimalist isn’t about the money, but about dejunking distractions that do not contribute to your goal of having your own business. Your time is a valuable asset and you are supposed to accumulate both experience capital and money capital within this limited resource.

I shudder hearing of young people dropped out of their day job and went driving for Uber and Grab. Come on people, what do you learn from driving around Singapore or New York city? You become a better driver and no, your knowledge of the nooks and curves of New York city is not valuable anymore because we have GPS. You are wasting your time enriching two parties, the ride-hailing company and the passengers.

Ditch Those Sins That Waste Your Health and Coffer
You want your life to have less worries, don’t pick up that ciggy. All these things like the stick of cigarette, gambling, alcohol play tricks on our mind. We become compulsive addicts to these elements when we gave them a chance to grow a single root in our lives. We stop giving a damn about how much we spend on a pack of cigarettes and we even start to make excuses for our daily fix.

You become more alert without these garbage in our body. You rest better and you realize that you go less frequent to the ATM machine to withdraw money. That translate to leaving more cash in your bank my friend. A minimalist is someone who is aware of his surrounding and everything that jeopardize his health and treasure chest.

I Can Rest Better When I Declutter My Life From Idols
Imagine the money you saved when you have adopt minimalism as your lifestyle. You could focus on your job and your family life when you dispose of all the junks in your life. I am not only talking about addictions, but the idols that you worship.

When I talk of idols, what does your mind gleans? Are you thinking about the wooden statues in the Chinese temples in Hong Kong and Taiwan? Let me break it to you what are idols my friend. Money, your dream Porsche, the K-Pop chick, that bitch called Kardashian and others. The core of minimalism is to get these idols out of your life. Now, I hear people asking me the point of having a business if they are supposed to quit worshiping money. But please, see the hard earned cash you saved by eradicating idols from your life.

What if I tell you that the main goal of having our our own business is to become the ultimate minimalist. Now I’m running my business, I don’t care about bosses, I don’t give a hoot about holidays because I control my own holidays now. I realize that my self worth is not determine by the number of houses I have and the Mercedes I drive. It’s about the God given freedom for us and the way we should exercise this gift…as a Minimalist.

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