6 Reasons To Blog For Money

I write this post for some all of you who happened to love writing. Writing gives you that therapeutic effect after a hard days work. I must mention to you though, that although it is easy to start a blog, it is not necessarily easy to blog for money.

I started blogging in 2009 and it took me 2 years for my blog to fight her way into the first page of Google. The blog started bringing in serious money only after 2 years of fiery tenacity. Like any entrepreneur venture, a successful blog brings to you fulfillment and satisfaction, apart from acting the money making machine that you hope for. There are many reasons for building a blog as your next money making venture.

  1. A Blog Propagates Your Passion. You could be passionate about cars, music, technology, science, psychology and even on the subject of blogging. Your job need not be your passion, but the blog you build definitely must be in your love spectrum.When you blog about the subject that you love, there comes a time when you suffer a syndrome called “writer’s block”. The reasons for the syndrome could be many, but in most likelihood, your own knowledge about the subject may have hit a brick wall. This is the time when magic happens. You start to study, and because it is about your passion, you find pleasure in researching deeper into the subject. In machine terms, you go into a”deep learning” mode to improve your blog.

2. Your Blog Could Make Some Serious Money. Yes, you heard me.    Depending on the niche, you could make some cold hard cash with your blog. When I first started blogging, like most of the early bloggers, I made use of Google Adsense to make money.
Apart from the content, I built the blog under an awesome domain name called HowToBlog.org. During the 80s to the late 90s, if you managed to find a good keyword domain, your blog would rise up exceptionally fast in Google ranking. My blog made it to the no. 1 spot for the keyword “How To Blog” and together with other long tail keywords, it garnered around 600 visitors per day. Many visitors click on the Adsense advertisement and the rate was good.  Finally, I sold my blog for a handsome sum. Your blog could make money in other ways. There are

  • affiliate marketing (Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay Partners etc),
  • advertising,
  • selling your own digital products like ebooks
  • promoting your own consultancy service,
  • selling coaching programs
  • selling physical products
    But bear in mind, nothing happens until your blog starts booming with visitors. Some famous blogs that make insane money: SmartBlogger.com, Problogger.com, amylynnandrews.com

3. Starting A Blog Is Easy and Cheap. Do you have any prior experience starting a business? Have you ever run a business for somebody? Let us do a case study. You landed an opportunity to start a retail shop selling organic goods. Before, you start, you need to do the following (non-extensive):

  • Look for a site. The tagline: location, location, location takes precedence here. If you engage a property agent for assistance, you have to pay a one time or recurring fee.
  • Fundings for your new retail should conservatively be able to cover renovation, 12-month rental, initial stock carry for a year, workers salaries for a year, and what others depending on the type of business model.
  • Finding suitable employees to run your shop is a challenge anywhere in the world. If they fail to turn up for work, you have to do their work.
  • Advertising like brochures targeting the neighborhood.
  • Conservatively, you need at least $ 500 K as your start-up capital.

Let us see what you need to do to set up a blog:

  • Find your niche.
  • Register for a domain name. $ 13
  • Find a good web-hosting that is reliable in terms of security, fees, and service. $ 20 per annum.
  • Your capital is less than $ 40 per annum.

4.  Blogging Could Be A Global Business. Can you imagine the time and resources needed to build a global business? Take the organic shop as an example. You start the retail hoping for a walk in customers who live and work in the vicinity of your shop.

At first, your customers are non-regular. They come to your shop due to its convenience. Your shop may survive the first year of operation and broke even. On the second and third year, you go ballistic into advertising. If all go well, you start tinkering with the possibility of a second retail 5 blocks away. Unless you have a large war chest of at least $ 10 Million, the road ahead will be slow and tedious.

Your blog or other online business do not walk the same path as your brick and mortar company. It goes live globally the moment search engines like Google, Bing, Yelp and Yahoo crawl your blog.

5. A Good Blog Will Expand Your Social Circle. You will know new people in your niche if you work on your blog long enough. During my work in HowToBlog.org, I blogged about SEO, website designs, domaining and ways to make money with a blog. After 3 years, the blog community took me as an expert in those subjects. People started reaching out to me for ideas and business deals because of the extensively researched articles I wrote in my blog.

For instance, your blog about keeping Fennec Foxes as pets for a few years, you will come across an audience who love exotic pets. People will come to you for advice on anything about Fennec Foxes because you are an authority on the subject. If you think about making some cash out of this fame, you could start an e-commerce website within your blog to sell stuff for exotic pets. The opportunities are limitless.

6. My Blog Is My Personal Branding Machine. Just like any business, your blog represents you. Your audience will “see” you through reading about your work. The content of your writing, how you carry your message through via your podcast,  your body language in your video all carry significance in your own brand building. Some people will love you, there are others who will hate you.

As you progress deeper into your blog, more opportunities will present themselves before you. Problogger.net started as an authority in blogging. Later, his blog brought him immense opportunities in different income streams like affiliate income, coaching opportunities, consultancy and many more.

When you start, don’t think too much about the money. The cost of building a blog is low as compared to starting a traditional business. Therefore, the little deficit will not jeopardize your livelihood. Pray to God and just focus on improving the content.

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