3 Immediate Ways To Make Money Hastily

Really, the word “immediate”here is a misnomer and should not be taken out of context. What is “immediate’ for me may not be so instant to you; maybe due to circumstances like the amount of work I have put in, the lack of publicity from your side etc. However, I do think humans’ abilities to earn a living more often than not, are limited by our own mindset. I still remembered in 2008 when I was so disillusioned with my job, and that I was seeking all kinds of ways to run away from it. When I was working as an employee, and working really hard to climb the steep corporate ladder, striking out on my own was nothing but a magical fantasy. But I dream on. It did not help when all the years when I was growing up, my folks and teachers had continuosly ground into us the mentality of finding a good company and working our arse out in achieving our dreams by slogging away under an employer. Then moving on into the corporate world, we were again ingrained with the believe that striking out on our own as disloyalty. In fact, it was “evil”. God sent knowledgeable friends to me out nowhere and suddenly, striking out on our own did not seem so difficult anymore. Let us not talk too much about my past, we shall explore a few ways to earn some cash immediately. There are many side gigs available nowadays. The list I provide here is by no means exhaustive but if you like things to be easy and immediate, and if you are qualified, take action and give them a try.  Airbnb If you have some extra rooms in your house, or your folks left you an extra house somewhere out of town under your stewardship, why not make them into a money making machine. The pros of making use of Airbnb are as follow:
  • The wide and far reaching platform of Airbnb’s website. You don’t need to spend a dime on advertising. How many platform in this world could promote your property as wide as Airbnb?
  • You are the boss when it comes to deciding how much to charge, the number of people allowed per room, and the property’s availability.
  • You needn’t worry about hiring a front desk  receptionist to collect money. All money transactions will be handled within the platform of Airbnb, similar to how sites like Trivago and Expedia handle sales for hotels.
However, there are some disadvantages when you choose Airbnb:
  • Some states or even countries do not legalise Airbnb or even short term rental. You might run into legality risks if you choose to proceed with your ‘entrepreneur’ venture because these states feel obligated to protect their hotel industry. You can’t blame them because the hotel proprietors pay exorbitant taxes to be in business.
  • Airbnb takes a cut of your profit. Actually, their cut of 3% is quite reasonable if you ask me. I might put this as a pro in doing business with the platform, but you guys might think I’m promoting them, not now anyway.
Driving For A Rideshare Company If you have a driving licence and a new enough car (under 10 year old), you could opt to drive for rideshare platforms like Grab or Uber.  With their emergence, one can easily see the Millennial taking this up as their full time gig. No more reporting to bosses for them. I even have a friend who was initially a real estate agent, turned to driving for Uber, and making more than what he earned in selling properties during this downturn. Many good things come out of being a Grab driver, among others:
  • Again a great app platform of Grab/Uber that connects the drivers to their respective clients. Price are determined without haggling involved.
  • As a Grab driver, you don’t have to worry about renewing additional licences like the cab drivers. You are not oppressed by anybody to use a specific taxi emblem to ply your trade. It is simply just you, your conventional driving licence and your own personal car.
  • Many countries are getting stricter to rideshare drivers by their imposition under different regulations, like insurance, vehicle maintenance etc.
  • You might come across new challenges like crazy customers (or you being the crazy driver). In certain places, you might even meet with animosity from cab drivers who hates you for digging into their rice bowl.
  • When you operate in places where a sole rideshare company monopolizes, you might not get as good a rate as compared to when there are various players in the field.
Selling Your Expertise in Fiverr Let’s say you are a musician, or even a writer. And you are short of cash, guess what, there is a site called Fiverr, where you can actually sell your service for at least $5. You could compose a song or write a script depending on what you think you are good at.  Here are some of the pros of using Fiverr
  • You could really use Fiverr as a startup platform for you to gauge whether freelancing is the way forward for you. For instance, if you are  a web designer and you are dying to strike out on your own, I would say Fiverr is the answer to your prayer. You will come across all the challenges that walk hand in hand with your ‘freedom’.
  • You are given options to set your own rate.
  • You could see what your competition are offering and how they fare. Look at them, and try to better them by seeing all those comments given by reviews.
Cons of Fiverr From a entrepreneur point of view, I can’t really think of any. Unless you are such a cheapo and you expect this business entity to give you a free ride on their site! As you can see, opportunities are plenty. You do realize that I’m not giving any suggestion about starting a business from scratch, because you don’t get immediate earnings from them. In case you are on a job, and it comes to a point that you hate your job to the core, try the above gigs. You could mix anyone of them, and who knows, if God’s willing, you could even earn a decent living from them. In His Grace in Jesus Christ, all the best to you.  

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