Easy Ways To Get Dupped In Money Making Ideas

Many people yearn to get out of the rat race. They talked about their dreaded 9 to 5 jobs and how they hated their boss’ micro-management style. This kind of emotional turmoil creates havoc in our thinking that caused us to lose our balance and judgment. We so badly wanted to get out from the grind that any so-called money making ideas that sounded remotely like an escape tunnel will pull us, like the way the fire attracts the moth.

You see successful and bloody smart professionals giving thousands of dollars to attend classes in stock speculation, options trading, selling in Amazon (or eBay in the 90s) and other online businesses. Your long lost “friends” suddenly appear out of the blue to invite you to a business networking conference that turns out to be another MLM recruitment drive, or worse, a money game scam.

If You Need To Pay Through The Nose, This Is Not For You

Prior to my renewed interest in blogging, I contemplated listing my ingredients in Alibaba and other e-commerce sites for export. I came across a free seminar on e-commerce two months ago and decided to see what they had to offer. It turned out that the organizer was actually an internet guru, and with the common protocol of a free seminar; the usual sales pitch, testimonial and call to action (this was supposed to be a $10,000 course but if we signed that day, we’ll get a 70% or 90% discount). If I recalled, a two full-day coaching by this ” ex Google insider” cost around $ 3000.

While this guy and his team showed us the testimonials, I recognized a familiar face among the many faces to be my former colleague in insurance sales. The internet guru claimed these people were his happy students who beat the system via his coaching. Upon checking with my friend, I found out that she dropped out in the middle of the class because she could not follow what this guru taught. What the heck? I thought he said he would hold the hand of
his students and lead them to at least to a bite of the forbidden fruits. And her total income averaged out from insurance and direct selling boiled down to a mere 3 Grand per month in cold hard cash. Sorry, no refunds for her.

Always start small. I have talked about starting small in my previous post and I hope you read about it.

Forget About Business If You Don’t Understand Simple Mathematics

Gamblers are fools. They are the dummies in simple additions and subtraction and I can vouch for that. Ever come across one of these gamblers who told you that they won some gaming ticket draw? Try asking them about the money they invested weekly and what those “investment” added up in a year. I tell you, all gamblers will only tell you their winnings. My own relative once shared with the whole family that he had won $ 16,000 top price. Me, being a skeptic, started asking him the dough he put in to win this ticket and the frequency. Here is the forensic breakdown. He bet 3 times a week with each bet costing him approximately $ 150- $200. I took the best case scenario of $ 150. A month should cost him $ 1800 and a year sets him back $ 21,600. Now, do the maths.

Best Real Estate

I recalled talking to some domainers (people who buy and sell web addresses like real estate investors) who bragged about the time they flip a domain name for $ 5000. Again, if you wanted to find out whether these people were a successful online businessman, try asking them the total amount they had to pay to renew their domains every year per the revenue they made from this same activity.

If It Sounded Too Easy, It IS Probably B.S

If you are old enough to appreciate the 80s songs I include in my every blog post, you should understand this. Do you remember all the steep learning curves you went through before reaching your current professional position? Those who insisted that they haven’t been through these learning curve were probably dead woods. Yes, you are the dead wood if you have never stretch your ability into any turbulence in your job! No wonder you are miserable.

Lately, I came across a few money making ideas for the online business. One of them was drop shipping. FYI drop shipping as an internet business was never something new. In 2000, before Alibaba and Amazon, everybody was crazy about eBay as the main e-commerce platform. Like the current scenario, courses about striking it rich in eBay sprouted out everywhere. Now, back to the drop shipping business.

The drop shipping business is the ultimate e-commerce business. Under an ideal condition, this business model supposedly eradicates the two main headaches of e-commerce trading; inventories and deliveries. In the latest fad about this business, you just need to sign up separately with three platforms; Shopify, Amazon, and AliExpress. The basic SOP:

1. Create an online e-commerce shop in Shopify
2. Search for the best selling items in Amazon
3. Source for the items in AliExpress
4. List the best sellers in Amazon
5. Advertise on Facebook and Instagram depending on the items
6. Get AliExpress to send the goods to your customers’ address in Amazon.

Sound simple and workable right? I was quite excited about the prospect after reading about this. Remember, I was obsessed with the potential of exporting my goods. But my common sense was tingling at full speed even when I was researching about all these platforms.

For one, who in the hell would be so generous in sharing these secrets if these indeed worked like clockwork? By now, the market should be full of millionaire sellers! You know, you might be better off driving for a ride-hailing company like Uber or Grab rather than taking up courses by drop shipping gurus. If they are so busy making money from this idea, why on earth would they want to teach you and as a result cause the market to be saturated with Amazon sellers? You still don’t get it, do you? Look at these facts:

a. US and China are embroiled in a trade war right now. China’s export to the US is practically incapacitated.

b. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and all other social media change their algorithm all the time. You don’t build your money making ideas around the social media platform if you want your business to be sustainable. If you create a home page for your company on Facebook, only 20 % or less of your posting will reach your audience because FB makes sure that only genuinely informative and relative’s post occupy your audiences’ feed.

Understand That There Is No Shortcut To A Good Business Idea

Finally, there are no shortcuts if you wanna be successful. Everything that makes money incorporate a business process. For example from the purchase of raw material to finished goods production, selling, delivery, etc.

The nearest shortcut that I ever encountered was Search Engine Optimization for the online business. In the good old days, all you had to do was to buy a darn good keyword rich domain, something like SEO.com, stuffed your contents with keywords and bought some backlinks and hey presto! You are on your way to stardom. If you were wealthy, you could buy a single or two-word domain name with lots of searches, just parked your domain without development, and you could still earn millions. No, I am not joking. These happened. But fortunately, all these are history. Rich and wealthy domainers don’t have these kinds of an unfair advantage anymore due to these shortcuts. We are now on a level playing field where your work determines your success. Again, the business process rules.

But mind you, there are genuine teachers and coaches. There are students who made money through these courses. Just ask some of the people who gave the testimonies. There are genuine reasons for some of these internet gurus to survive until today. AND there are certainly good people who want to educate others to be successful, but before being educated, you need to be smart to choose real education from the scam. Know the sheep from the goats.

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