Building A Mobile Gaming Guild As A Revenue Maker

Folks, have you ever considered the possibility of building a mobile gaming guild and selling it later?

Games? I thought we play games just for fun and entertainment?

Folks, I am not going into how you are going to sell the guild. You have to build the gaming guild or clan first to a respectable value before anyone would consider buying it from you.

Games nowadays, especially those we term MMORPG, an acronym for massively multiplayer online role-playing game, require guilds to manage their thousands of players.

Now, I am still very much attached to a mobile game I told you about 2 months ago. Check out my post about Brave Conquest and understand what transpires.

After taking over the leadership of the guild with only 18 active players, the hard truth emerged. My guild was dying! How many are that fortunate with a chance to turnaround a real-life dying company?


Real people are interacting with each other behind their chosen avatars in every MMORPG in the market.

You see real human nature and politics at play without remorse because every player is hiding behind an alter ego. As a guild leader, you get first-hand experience with different kinds of responses with every action you take in your alliance.

In the real world, our boss and our colleagues have full data on our identities. In addition, we are bounded by all kinds of laws and regulations.

However, once you step into the gaming world, the law has no more power over you. You are free to do anything that you wish within the domain of the game.

As a Guild Leader, we have the power to sack any player that we dislike without any worry of repercussions from the human resource authority. Likewise, your second in command could go rogue and destroy all your hard work by kicking out all the players in your clan when you were offline.

A guild boss can banish a player when he/she defies his orders. Only the other day, when I set the minimum level for battle registration to level 110, quite a number in the lower levels ignored my instruction.

How To Build A Gaming Guild

As powerful as I am, I could not simply follow the standard protocol of raining fires and brimstones on them. That would be disastrous!


If somebody told me that it was a challenge to manage a game alliance 6 years ago, I would laugh my heart out.

When my guild was down to 18 players out of the possible 50, we knew that it’s game over without new recruits. I tried all sorts of recruitment strategies I could find from the internet. I shouted in the global chat, advertised in the game forum but seriously, nothing worked.

Out of the 18 existing players, I could see dwindling activities in a few of them. Simply put, the guild was dying!

Out of desperation, I started moving in and out of my alliance after each war in search of abandoned guilds.

Yes, there are hundreds of dead guilds out there in the game sphere. In each of these, you might find a few active players waiting for someone like me to rescue them from their misery.

Apart from going after one to a few players, I resorted to acquiring smaller but dying guilds. Trust me! Just like real-life corporate mergers and acquisitions, this strategy works the best.

In 3 months, I (yes, I was the only one working in the guild. The rest only play war and the normal game events) managed to acquire two different guilds and absorbed all their members into mine.

Singlehandedly, I built my guild into the top 100 of the world. None of this was easy. After taking in all the players, came the issue of assimilation.

I don’t know about other guilds, but apparently, the leader is the only one who is fighting hard for the guild’s survival.

If you are an entrepreneur expecting your employees to work as hard as you, the above statement should sound like a wake-up call.


Researchers are studying ways to incorporate guild leadership as part of a training program for real-life management. There are even research papers about these initiatives, like this one.

As a business CEO cum amateur gaming guild leader, I would say it works.

However, bear in mind, the gaming ecosystem has provided all that you need to run your guild. For instance, you need not worry about logistics, lawsuits and other nitty-gritty of a real-life company.

And yet, if you are lucky enough, you might get the chance to witness your comrades played out some virtual politics.

A group of 10 players joined us when we took over a second dying guild called VETS about two months ago. As a result, I promoted their leader to become one of our officers as a gesture of appreciation.

Now, Asrair, my new officer seemed like a good ole trustworthy guy. For one, he participated actively in all events. The best of all, he contributed some valuable advice during the chat session.

I was always on the lookout for potential recruits and if fortune shined, I might find a takeover target. Once locked in a potential partner, I would need to pass my leadership beacon to another person so that I could roam into other alliances.

Recently, an incident happened whereby the officer who normally took over the leadership beacon had accidentally (or not?) passed it to Asrair. Well, she was apologetic. Thinking that Asrair as a trusted ally who took it, all should be well.

Guess what? Nothing happened. After getting back to the guild from a merger negotiation, I would expect the leadership returned to me. Asrair’s quietness was deafening.

Disappointment and sadness tore my heart that day. Not knowing how to respond to the situation, I left my ‘kingdom’. I went through an emotional upheaval for the next three days, perplexed whether I should just leave the game or to reclaim my throne.

Well, I decided to go back and perform a Game of Throne. Boy, was that fox shocked to see Guargum (Guargum was the name of my avatar) appearing in the guild. I asked him nicely when he wanted to return me the leadership.

After a few pleasantries and polite prompting, Asrair returned me the beacon. Without further delay, I demoted the cunning fox to an ordinary member.


When I first took over as the leader, my guild was a dull space. I used to joke that I was really a DJ, talking to myself without a single response from these clan members.
They didn’t cheer when we win a war. They kept quiet when we failed to finish an event.

Imagine hearing the drop of a pin virtually when I demanded my subjects to finish an event.

As quiet as they were, I found out that my comrades actually obeyed my instructions. Although most of them might act slow, they executed what I wanted.

Things started to get better after we executed the second takeover of another guild called Vets. My God, these people were much more talkative than the originals from Esam.

These mergers and acquisitions are part of the stories that build Esam into a global top 100 chart. Older members may not like me, but like these acquisitions, they know me as the dictator that build the guild into the chart-topper.

Dramas like me snatching back the leadership from Asrair are part of the story that may hold certain members together.

Just a week ago, a dedicated Officer whom I liked very much quit. Yes he just left with a single “sorry” typed on the guild’s chatroom. I was pissed, to say the least.

Now fortune shined after leaving us. He asked me for consent to come back to our guild. Initially, I did not mind. But again,it suddenly crossed my mind that this is an opportunity to teach this guy and everyone a lesson.

Nope, Esam is not cheap and every spot is valuable. An Officer who left the clan like a spoilt child is akin to betrayal. A deserter!

I made it known that I didn’t want him back. He was quiet when I delivered to news to him. Surprisingly, he didn’t see this coming.

I am not going into detail about what transpired next. I just want you guys to see what I mean in the drama part of running a clan?

If an issue can happen in the corporates, it could play out in a gaming guild. Give it some time and you will get to experience the full experience that you might need in running an international virtual team from your guild. No kidding!


In other words, I am asking you not to get addicted!

WHO has recognized the problem of addiction when it comes to gaming. The body has even coined a term for compulsive gaming as “gaming disorder”.

When I started the experiment, my objective is to put my corporate leadership skills into practice in a gaming guild.

Gradually, there was a feeling of euphoria, of having the power of entitlement on the fate of 50 players in my smartphone.

Once you let that tyrant out, the whole cohesiveness that holds the team together will unravel, just like in the real world. Therefore, know when to stop and how you want to stop.

At the time of writing this paragraph, I have quit the game. I pushed the boundary of my players’ tolerance by taking sacking the players that did not go along with my vision. A thing that I could never do in the real world of management.

Players started quitting and suddenly the guild fell apart like a house made of cards.

The bigger the team, the personality mixes become more complicated. Well, I could go on, by showing tolerance and by continuing my empathy towards my teammates.

But to stay put has never been my objective so I let the game implodes.

Here you are guys. Run your guild well and you might even be able to sell your avatar and the clan for a handsome sum; provided that you place more importance in cash then the fake prestige.

You can read more about real experiences in guild management here if you want to go deeper into the subject.

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