Blogging For Money With A Single Niche Blog or Otherwise

We’ll talk about blogging for money today because blogging is still one of my favorite subject. I was surfing the net to research about making money online and I came across some questions about blogging. There are questions about how to create more blogs using free blogging platforms like Blogger and Blogspot. I’m not going to dwell on the subject of using your own domain name because that is not my concern today. My question, why do people want to create 2 or 3 blogs?

The Sinister Reason For Having More Than One Blog
When I started my first blog, I was obsessed with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In fact, most bloggers are obsessed with SEO. I recalled learning at breakneck speed on every resources I could get my hands on about bringing up my blog to the first page of Google. As a result of my obsession, I stumbled into the dark side of these optimization techniques. There was a Blackhat technique called Private Blog Network. The trick worked by setting up a few blogs with similar niche to linking to my main blog.

For example, a decade ago before Google became as smart as it is today, I might start by building a few blogs separately in Bloggers, Blogspot, and WIx in topics on “making easy money”, “build an online business”, and “easy ways to build cash”. Put contents in them for 2 months and had them all linked into

Blackhat SEO – Private Blog Network

Anyway, I don’t think I should dwell deeper into these techniques nowadays because these are surefire ways to get Google to blacklist your blog. Therefore, apart for reasons like this, you should consider in more angles for the rationale of more than one blog.

Building A Blog Takes Time
In this age, it is getting more difficult to blog. If you install a Moz bar on your Chrome, you will see the authority and ranking of various websites and blogs competing with you for the same keywords.

Competition For “Easy Ways To Make Cash”

For example, let’s look at my niche. The lowest competitor in this niche and keyword “easy ways to make cash” has a Page Authority/PA of 36 (Max 100). Imagine the hard work I have to put in with my current status as a new blog with PA of only 12. Only God knows when my blog will get to meet these titans in the first page of Google.

A Blog Needs To Update Regularly
Once upon a time, when your blog reached no.1 or the first page of Google, you could rest. You might even start another blog to add to the current income of your existing blog. Those good days are gone my friend.

Just like a brick and mortar shopfront, you need to take care of your blog full time. When I sold my first blog, it was on the no.1 spot for the keyword the “how to blog” and it was exactly for this reason, the buyer purchased it. Unfortunately, since he bought over, he just left the blog as it was. Every time I visited the blog, I never saw updates. I even offered to write for this guy but he rejected my offer. Sad to say, the blog disappeared from the first page ranking within months of negligence.

The truth is, you can’t take things for granted after landing that valuable ranking in SERP position. Content is king eternal, and you have to add valuable content to your blog consistently.

A Single Niche Blog vs Multi Niche Blogs

You Need A Team To Run More Than One Blog
Usually, we are talking about another niche blog. Again, think in terms of the offline business. You definitely need two teams to run a cafe and a laundry.

At the current capabilities of search engines, you cannot take and rewrite articles like you used to in the past. Even a simple software like Copyscape could detect the slightest sign of duplicate contents, not to mention the super algorithm built by Google’s team of PhDs who work tireless day and night to cleanup their search eco-system. Web developers are known to hire writers to rewrite articles from the internet on their mini-blogs. Watch out if you are thinking of doing it now! Many search engines especially Google views plagiarism seriously and if their powerful bots find out this crime on your blog, your blog is as good as gone.

Finding a good writer is like finding a needle in a haystack. A good writer not only know the subject in hand, he or she will research to find out more so that your blog can stay fresh and updated. But trust me, this ain’t easy. I once tried to blog about my business in the use of enzymes in food and other industries because I thought I could easily nail the niche due to my involvement in enzymes business. But sad to say, that blog did not take off. Although I know the subject, I could not bring myself to be passionate about the subject. I am a businessman, and I keep myself interested enough on the subject of enzyme just to sell my products and to support my customers in the technical aspect. In other words, there is no love.

Therefore, you as the boss of the blogs should be the authority on the subjects. You must be passionate about the niches before you expect your team to show the same love as you. You need to know baking if you want to start a bakery. We are the one responsible for title of the blog post today and tomorrow, and not to leave to our writers to decide what to write today. When your writer failed to show up, you should be there to sustain your blog legacy and not depend on your team. Period!

Instead Of Multi Niches Blogs, Try To Go Deep In A Single Niche With One Blog
Building a business, or a blog for that matter is like going to the gym. Forget about the cliche of running a marathon because you can finish a marathon in one day. You workout for one day, and you go to the mirror, do you see any difference? Nope, you don’t. Then you go berserk and you decide to do an 8 hour workout in the gym by lifting weights. Now, instead of seeing bulking muscles, you might faint from over exertion. Instead, try working out for 20 to 30 minutes daily, by just lifting weights and running. I don’t know when but one fine day, you will realize that you are in shape.

Same thing here. You can work daily on one blog without seeing any difference or improvement for months. You might quit right? How about having 3 blogs on different niches like pest control, frugality living and beauty care? I bet you will quit even sooner because you need to work extra hard to keep the 3 blogs going. What if you put all your effort in blogging for 3 different blogs into one…let us say just on the beauty care niche. Go deeper into what it takes to live a beauty lifestyle and how to add value with employing a different beauty regime to maintain a positive outlook. Gradually, you might dwell deeper into a branch from your beauty niche like something like beauty tools. You see my point? Even with one blog, you can find endless possibilities to grow other mini but profitable niches.

There Is No Guarantee Your Blog Will Be Profitable
Yes but that doesn’t mean that you could hit the gold mine by having more blogs under your belt. I always put high regards in starting small in any business and blogging for money is no exception. Your chances of success is much bigger with building one blog consistently for the simple fact that Google loves fresh and great contents. You know my reasons for building ? The main reason is to make this my income generator and as an avenue to stimulate my mind when I grow old. It’s ok if there aren’t any revenue now because I have my food ingredients trading business to fall back on. I am prepare to work on this blog just like I am geared to workout in the gym for the next 20 years.

My take is to stay with one authoritative blog. I find my peace with God and work when I feel like it. Research and continue to write even when you are thinking of quitting your blog. Because in time, the algorithm of the internet will move its magic on your blog in exponential way that we, the laymen do not understand.

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