About Me


Name: Robin Ong

1. Master of Business Administration

Certificate MBA

2. Bachelor in Food Science and Technology

Certificate UPM

I was involved in the online business in 2008 and created a successful blog called HowToBlog.org. I sold the blog for a high 5 figures in 2012 because I got disillusioned with blogging. Somehow, blogging daily had taken a toll on me, and when somebody gave me an offer for the blog, I just took it.

Over the years, I had my fair share of experience in ways of earning a living. I climbed the corporate ladder and later, started a trading business in Food Ingredients. Years of experience in running businesses have provided me a solid foundation in starting something on my own, in God’s Blessings and Provisions.

In God’s Grace, I co-founded JR Food Solutions with Him in 2016, a consultancy company that also trades in food ingredients and food additives.

In this site, I talk about my passion for building a business. We will also discuss different ways that you, my beautiful readers can increase your wealth. We will discuss projects like setting up your own small business, be it online or proper brick and mortar entity. You might even want to start a blog!

Together, let us make this journey a fruitful discourse. As we progress on this website, we will explore different channels that you could use to make money. Hey, that’s what you are here for, right? We are all entrepreneurs in our own distinctive ways, and EasyWaysToMakeCash.com is our business pursuit. The channels could be affiliate marketing, advertisement, digital products, drop shipping and whatever means that is appropriate.

I will also be coaching you about sales and various ways to be a better salesperson. Selling is important for all entrepreneurial pursuit. Lock that in your mind, please.

P/S Do let me know if you have any comments about improving our blog. This blog is for YOU!