A Gen X to A Millennial: How To Get Promoted To Manager

How to get promoted to manager? I dedicate this post to all the young people out there; the Millennials and the Z generation who might come across this one day. You can tell me that I am irrelevant. Is my advise out of date? Look here people, who are your superiors and bosses? I can safely say, that nine out of ten chances the person you are reporting to are either the Gen Xs or the Gen Ys. We are the ones looking at your CVs and also the ones who will be doing your appraisal.

Unless you forget, getting that elusive promotion is the easiest way to make more money. You get the best on the job training when you land a promotion; especially from a junior executive to the first managerial position. So, what do you do to earn that promotion?

Make A Mentor out of Your Direct Boss

Bear in mind, it’s not as simple as to tell your boss that you want her or him to be your mentor. Most senior managers (not all though) relish having a mantle that is loyal and smart. You have to show that you are hungry albeit not in a threatening way.

Make Your Boss Looks Good

In no way am I asking you to be a schmoozer. You and your superior are both chasing after your next promotion. Learn as fast as possible early in your career, and be super supportive of your superior’s project. Give all your heart in carrying out your daily task. Assuming that you are in the sales department, go all out to beat that sales target. Discuss with your boss if you wanna be innovative, NOT his boss. Let your boss take the credit and if he is fair, you will reap what you have sown.

Volunteer Your Help Regularly

Do you know what a manager hates most coming out from his staffs? Answer: “That isn’t my job!” Look here, you might already have too much on your plate, but always remember to make your boss looks good. Even in your own job, it’s not that you can hit your goal all the time. Therefore, score points by helping out on the overtime. You won’t die to work on some weekends if it means earning some karma points in the good book of your superior.

If nobody appreciates your help, the knowledge that you gained from helping out will stay with you. You have nothing to lose. Your boss will quickly make you his confidante if he/she sees you going the extra miles regular enough. But remember, do these with a humble and sincere heart. An experience manager will detect a fraud miles away.

Focus In Winning The Small Battles

Most people want to win the grand battle. Maybe this comes from too many movies. The hero will say “We just need to win this!”. In real life, in business, there is never a case about winning that one war. Life in business is about winning more battles than you lose. Good employers remembered you by the many battles or the many small accounts that you brought back.

Analyse Your Situation

Now that you have taken all the steps to promote yourself as an ideal candidate for the next promotion, analyze your situation. What kind of boss do you have? Is he generous in imparting his experience and know-how to you? Or is he fearful in imparting knowledge to you guys? Continue to support your boss if he is generous in sharing his responsibility. On the other hand, if he is selfish and would not take a second thought to push you over the cliff, then it’s time to reassess your situation.

Is It Time To Hop To The Next Train?

A person joins a company for various reasons. Even if you don’t like your boss, you might have fallen for free beers and entertainment. If that’s the case, this blog post is not for you. But if you are of the A-type personality with a clear goal of reaching the top, hop! Read my You Quit Your Job Because of These Reasons.

Update Your CV As A Pro

Update your CV regularly. If you have focused on learning your job and have volunteered consistently, you will find that you have lots to write on your resume. Focus on measurable achievements. This is the time when you should take out your past projects’ KPIs. For example, if you had a budget of $100 K for a project but your team managed to complete it with $80K, then put this in your cv as ” Achieve savings of 20% for A project.”

If the projects managed to increase production yield from 100 units per hour to 150 units, then ” Accomplished 50% efficiency in the new production line.” By God’s sake, don’t update your cv like a child such as “participate in A project” and “managed a new production line with 10 new production staffs”. By putting only the essentials, you will able to limit your cv to the golden 2 pages. Next, please….

Now It’s Time To Take An MBA

An MBA is best taken after you have sufficient years of working experience. Good schools that offer MBAs will normally take in only individuals with at least 3 years of working experience. Your work experience will inject value in every subject that comes your way. For instance, when you are in sales, a few subjects on Finance, Marketing and Strategy will infuse into you the context of your company’s direction.

So next time, when your CEO talks about his grand vision, please don’t give that look of a lost boy from Neverland anymore. Do and finish your assignments diligently. Do this and you will discover that you will sound smarter even during interviews. Prior to doing an MBA, a senior GM once told me during an interview that I sounded like what I did…” a salesman”.

Start Thinking Like A Businessman

It doesn’t matter whether you are a scientist or a housekeeping supervisor. The moment you look at your department as a business entity, you change your outlook, and this, in turn, will change your destiny. Think of values in terms of dollar and sense when you run your department, because cash is, after all, the lifeblood of any company, whether it’s for profit or not for profit (who are they kidding??). Many of you won’t get it when I tell you that even your favorite HR department is a business unit. So is the quality control laboratory of your company. Yes, it’s not only the sales department that can bring in the dough. You could too.

In fact, most CEOs are frustrated when his staffs are not thinking in terms of business when they try to prove a point. Put yourself in the shoes of the Head of the Creative department. The Head of Sales is hounding on your on the deadline of a new prototype because apparently, the production has blamed you for holding up progress. You don’t want to do a shoddy presentation just to meet the deadline, because, that’s your reputation at stake. But you really can’t help it because of the many glitches in the program. How are you gonna argue your case? Think like a businessman!

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