5 Steps To Make Love To Your Blog In Producing Evergreen Blog Post

When I’m writing this, the same problem is niggling at me. What to write this time? Running out of ideas for the next blog post is always the main challenge facing a blogger. Truth be told, I have abandoned 2 blogs, one with the web hosting still attached.

This is less of a problem if you have a partner to share the burden of churning out blog content. A non-issue all together when you have a team of writers waiting to produce their masterpiece blog post daily. As long as you are still the lone ranger working, your ability to continue putting out fresh contents is usually the no. 1 factor that determines your blog’s continuation.

1. Find An Expandable Topic

In the archaic days of the blogosphere, bloggers would advise sticking to a niche for your blog. If you love scuba diving, limit your scope to scuba diving. Prevent from going off topic too often because search engines in those days would face difficulties in categorizing your blog. Most blogs in the early days in 2005 relied on Google Adsense for monetization income and your ability to stick to your niche was a big deal. Even though you were in a lucrative niche in scuba diving, if you blog too much about things unrelated to scuba diving, you risked ‘dilution’, that spelled lower earning per click from your Google Adsense.

The scenario changes a lot in the last decade. Due to the fact that we don’t rely on Adsense that much anymore, you could blog about things outside of scuba diving occasionally. Of course, still, stick to your topic. Google no longer let your blog become static after their algorithm updates. Therefore, don’t count on what worked in the past. If you like scuba diving, but without much in-depth knowledge about the sport apart from wearing the oxygen mask, don’t take up the idea.

2. A Blog That You Can Make Love To

Yes, you need to want to make love to your blog. Mind you, I’m not talking about starting a porn site when I said this!

Before starting this blog, I contemplated starting a blog about my work. You see, I have 20 years experience in the food industry and specializes in the bakery market. In all honesty, I could not bring myself to blog about my work expertise. Although I make use of my knowledge in enzyme to tweak products’ results, I could not write a full blog post about the use of enzymes in achieving favorable bread results, without going into a deep slumber. You know what I mean… I got the domain called EnzymaticAlly.com for my business blog, but guess what, I abandoned the blog after less than a month. I ain’t gonna touch her!

In God’s Blessing, I realize that my passion is not in the intricate technicalities, but in business. Therefore, the advent of EasyWaysToMakeCash.com. Couple with my journey in this small business, boy, my joy knows no bound. I find the pleasure to share about my startup journey in my blog; my trust in God for my business, my believes, my strategies, my worries…You see how all these keep my mind occupied, and yet, I still worry that I run out of topic to write. I yearn to please with my blog, by putting content after content into her.

3. Follow Your Niche’s Journals, Blogs and Latest Development

There is only so much your experience can support you in your blog journey. You need a fresh perspective. Subscribe to magazines and journals related to your niche development. There are a lot of valuable resources for bloggers online. For example, if you are into a fashion blog, it doesn’t hurt to read Cosmopolitan and Vogue on a monthly basis to keep yourself in the know. As for me, I read Entrepreneur, Inc, Techcrunch and follow thought leaders on Linkedin to know more about business ideas, both online and offline. Through this social media, I found an interesting blog called The Retail Doctor about development and hacks in the retail scene.

You see, when you put your heart into your very own blog, you are not only making students out of your followers. You are making yourself a student again. I have to learn at breakneck speed, to get myself up-to-date for my next blog post. There is always this unfounded fear that Google might degrade me for being slow to update. You gotta blog with passion, you gotta learn, with love too.

4. Talk To Friends

I’m in my late 40s and so are my old school mates and university friends. Many started their own business long before I did, and therefore, have more years of experience in running their own companies. Not forgetting, these people are spread out in all sorts of industry.

Just last week during the Chinese New Year holiday, while having a drink with my friend, he told me his story, which by the way was pretty uplifting. The guy’s name is Henry. He had been in the real estate industry for decades and recently, he turned to drive for a local ride-hailing company due to the downturn in the real estate market. He enjoyed his new gig and even met with some great people who offered him a joint venture into a tourism startup, making use of his network of drivers. Then there were others, who went back to employment after his stint as a restaurant owner.

Conversations like these are valuable resources for a blogger. Of course, my own experience will be in the limelight most of the time in this blog, but, to write evergreen contents, we really need diverse experiences from a variety of feedback.

5. Relax

Now you have done all you can to savor that moment; you have chosen and expandable niche, you love the niche and you want to rendezvous with your blog, you update your knowledge all the while and you keep in touch with your contacts. The only thing for you to do now is to rest.

Many people, including myself, used to see relaxation as a sin. People call us lazy when they see us idling away on our sofa while everybody else was hustling like a workhorse. I’m not trying to be offensive here but, let me ask you this. Can you count your success rate of bedding your beautiful wife when you were in a rush? How about when both of you were feeling relax, especially after drinking some light wine? See the context here.

When you are doing things that you love, you need to be creative. And you will usually be at your most creative self during you are feeling most relaxed. I take this opportunity to cite this verse from the Bible:
Matthew 11:28 “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you Rest.”

Blogging is about creativity. Each post is supposed to be a blogger’s work of art, depending on how she or he, look at it. You want every word to come out from your mind in free flow, and trust me, this “in the Zone” moment seldom happens when you are tense.

There you are. Choosing a blog to come out with evergreen blog post, are nothing unlike the process of selecting your life partner. The drama, of course, will be less because you can just log out when you don’t feel like writing that day. But apart from that, tell me, where are the differences?

God bless you!

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