10 Divine Signs That You Could Be The Next Mark Zuckerberg

Not everyone is born to do a Mark Zuckerberg. I’m not kidding. I am talking about unquestionable signs of you, being an entrepreneur here. In fact, not everyone aspires to start their own business. However, there are subtle signs that point to a possibility that your destiny is meant for something bigger than cranking up sheer dollar and cents for your boss. Even if it means, a destiny that is greater than merely calling the shots in a department.

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1. You Always Want To Have Your Own Business

Now, this sign is too obvious. You are the type that knows early in your professional career that you want to be your own boss. If you are in this category, there is no mistake. You know what you want and you are going to make your dream come through. Nothing much to talk about when you display this sign early in life. You could have started a lemonade store when you are seven, we don’t know.

2. You Hate Office Drama and Office Politics

You love the selling process and you find joy in deal-making. You believe a person should be rewarded by the quality of his work but to your utter disgust, the boss promoted the schmoozer to be your supervisor instead.

Office politics are parts and parcels of any business. However, there are people like me who just love everything about business except for the political conundrum. My blood becomes toxic due to the fight or flight response from office politics. One minute you might be fighting the Accounts and another minute, your boss could be scheming for your jugular. To me, everybody in the team should focus on making the sales process as efficient as possible. Instead of letting politics slowed down the process, I might just fire the one or two members who attempted to get credit for a task unrelated to them. For instance, I can never tolerate an accountant who tried to sabotage a project by nick picking on budget and sales forecast, without offering any help in problem-solving.

On the other hand, I had witnessed how an HR executive from HQ made a branch Finance manager’s life miserable by picking on the days when the latter came in late from family commitment. The Finance Manager had earlier asked for time off from her GM. See how politics can demoralize the spirit within a company?

3. You Realize That Your Boss Might Be Dumb

There is a sea of differences between a boss’ mentoring and micro-managing. I don’t know whether you guys think it’s normal for your boss to ask you to submit all your staffs (from the managers to the janitor) work schedule to him every week because he wanted to be on the know. This happened to my friend when he was a GM and his boss, the CEO from the head office.

This is a kind of awakening that happens to many managers. You have worked your way up to middle management by accumulating years of experience in your field of expertise. During years of climbing the corporate ladder, you have worked under your fair share of mentors and observed various leaders in action.

I recall absorbing lessons and experience like a sponge when I was younger. This happens to most ambitious individuals. Then comes the moment of truth. The next batch of people that we met had nothing to teach us and yet, these people enjoy playing games that sabotage progress. You are expected to perform and the least you expect is for your unsupportive boss to stand aside and let you do your work. No, that’s seldom their style.

4.You Get Bored Easily

You are surprised by your friends’ “loyalty” towards their employers. How could these people stay put with the same company for months years without the slightest sign of boredom?

You see the kind that does all they can to stay put and blend in. I had a colleague who was a project manager in the hospital that owns the bakery that I ran. I knew him in 2008 and till today, this former colleague of mine is still with the company, without a single promotion in all the years of service.

5. In Spite Of Your Experience, You Don’t Know What You Want

Many people find this hard to accept. I remember telling this to my boss many years ago when he wanted to promote me to the GM position. In God’s Blessing, he did not retract his offer after hearing this bit of inside information from me.

This happens when you have oppressed an ambition of yours after going through some life ‘turbulence’. You see, there are experiences that could alter a person’s outlook to life. You might have decided that entrepreneurship is just not for you. You might have witnessed past failures that could be of your own or from somebody else. All you need is a spark to rekindle that lost passion.

6. You Prefer Learning New Things To Idling Away

You find your friend’s weekly dose of movie marathon a foolish way to waste youth away. There are numerous books that you could read to improve your own prospect of reaching the C-suite to becoming a startup owner. You might want to read about The Six Levels Of The Entrepreneurial Journey from my previous blog post.

Apart from books, you could also take online courses from platforms like Coursera.org and Alison.com. I am telling you that these sites are simply awesome for us who love to go on learning and improving for our enlightenment. If you find yourself reading books on business, leadership, finance, there is a big chance that you have a deep hunger to start your own business someday.

7. You Can’t Understand Your Peers

How many times do you find yourself trying hard to control that yawn during meetings with other managers? Those guys can go round and round rumbling about the same thing without reaching any conclusion. Worst, you found these people in your organization simply loved meetings. They went as far as to devise a day every week to let managers meet to communicate with each other about…nothing!

If you have in you a soul dying to start a new business, you want to use your time to focus on the job. If you run a business unit, you prefer to focus your time in increasing value to the business to attend gossipy meetings. You would rather take a break than to indulge in empty chats with your peers. Be prepared though to be called names like “difficult to work with” or “not a team person”.

8. You Lose Interest In Making Money For Your Employer

This phenomenon happens over time. Each time when you started work in a new company, you were jumping with joy. You couldn’t sleep nights before you joined the new company. In fact, I recall having all the action plans and strategies played out in my mind, three days prior to reporting to work.

But those enthusiasms will diminish after you realized you have less than passionate bosses, who seemed to have their own agenda. Over time, your wisdom tells you that your employers aren’t worth your time. Why not build your own if all you do is just gonna enrich others who don’t appreciate you?

9. You Like To Mix With Friends Who Are Entrepreneurs
Don’t get me wrong. There are people who approach successful people so that they could suck up to them for goodies. But not you. Apart from all the books and courses that you take online, nothing beats the real experience from observing an entrepreneur living in action.

When you have reached a certain stage in life, you will find friends who have somehow become business owners. Reach out to them and tell them shamelessly that you want to start a business someday. Good friends will offer a helping hand but please, don’t lose heart if some of them choose to distance themselves. It’s human nature to be suspicious. After all, you haven’t been keeping in touch for so many years.

10. You Love The Stock Market

You are not a gambler and yet, you feel the pulse when the share market moves. The best side business that one can get involved in without a killer capital is investing in the share market. You could click my How To Find Good Stocks To Buy if you haven’t bee n interested yet.

It is good to get interested in the stock market. In fact, make a resolution to own some stocks with a percentage of your income because by doing that, you learn. You learn how a company works and how they make money. You see whether their managements are ethical business people by the way they conduct the business. By doing all these analyses, you will gain a good understanding of how businesses are being run. You see how good debt build a business and bad debt drown a supposedly promising enterprise. You gain an understanding of a bigger picture as compared to those who have never experience investing in the share market.

Really, I could go on with this post but with this list, I believe you will understand yourself better. Don’t worry when you are called weird, because, you do need to be weird to think out of the box when running your own business. Too many people try hard to fit in the mold the world has devised for them. Sure it’s painful, for us who can’t fit into the mould but as long as we follow our calling, we’ll create something for ourselves.

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